Hacking the Gibson

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Who are these mysterious hackers that the world is afraid of? Have you ever wondered who they are and what they’ve done? Whether you're new to the world of cyber security, a seasoned engineer, or just someone that’s picked up enough to follow along, we’ve got a podcast for you.

Hacking the Gibson is a podcast about the history of cyber security on the Internet. We’ve pulled together stories of the Information Superhighwaymen that have shaped the Internet. Some are heroes and heroines, some are villains, and some went on to change the world.

Thrown in for some context, we’ll also go in to some cold war spy stories that show that history keeps repeating; as well as some nuts and bolts of how we got to the Internet we have today.

Fair warning - we try to go deeper than the regular news to get to the heart of the matter. While we hope everyone that listens comes out understanding more than they started, we’re not afraid of throwing around some acronyms and maybe leaving you with a burning need to dive deeper yourself.


Hackalope has been working in the information security world for nearly 25 years. A self-taught engineer focusing primarily on computer network defense, and network forensics. He has worked in civilian, defense, and fortune 500 enterprises throughout the United States.


Ymir has been working for NASA as a systems and security engineer for 8yrs with a masters in information assurance from Western Governors University. He deals with virtualization, CM, and infrastructure design.

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